Practical and hands-on learning from expert practitioners

Project Management

From project management fundamentals to managing complex projects

Agile Transformation

Build high-performing and self-organizing teams that thrive on changing environments

Solopreneur Programs

Entrepreneurs starting, scaling, and selling an automated online business

Project Management

Classroom and online courses at The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University

Project Management Fundamentals

Learn the concepts, principles, tools, and techniques of project management

Project Planning and Schedule Management

Create a project schedule, identify the resources, and establish target dates

Project Risk and Quality Management

Manage project risk and quality through identification, analysis, and control

Leadership in Project Management

Use soft skills to build teams, resolve conflicts, and manage communications

Project Cost and Procurement Management

Monitor and control the project's budget, and manage contracts and agreements

Agile Theories, Methods, and Applications

Coach self-managing teams to effectively respond to ever-changing requirements

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