Diverse industry experience with international organizations

From Automotive To Utility

Automotive—manufacturing management system, vehicle order management, software testing, and project management training

Banking—online and mobile banking, desktop application training, branch profile application, accounting transaction automation, customer relationship facility application, relationship management system, sales tracking system, application migration, messaging systems, and mortgage website redesign

Brokerage—derivatives trading system, securities trading, database upgrade, plan administration, and System X

Consulting—management and administration of the development environment

Digital—search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, affiliate marketing, paid advertising, and business automation

Education—computer science lab, integrated identification system, course development, and online course delivery

Government—internal revenue tax system proposal, parks and recreation employee system, project management training, and industry regulation administration

Insurance—home replacement cost calculator, software testing and inspection methods, and project quality management

Manufacturing—beverage manufacturing and distribution system, and materials accounting system

Publishing—printing company billing system and publishing paperbacks, ebooks, and audiobooks

Travel—enterprise in-bound travel reservation system and international fare audit

Utility—customer information system and handwriting recognition system

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