Solopreneur Program

The biggest problem for most knowledge workers is that they don’t get paid if they don’t work.

Even if these professionals can work remotely during the pandemic, they are still trading their time for money. Although they can increase their rates, the number of hours in a day limits their income.

What if they can grow their current revenue by starting an automated online business?

How will that growth impact the lives of advisors, coaches, consultants, and other professionals?

That’s where our Solopreneur Program comes in.

We empower entrepreneurs to start a masterfully crafted digital business that requires minimal intervention after the initial setup. It’s a perfect model for knowledge workers.

An automated online business can augment and co-exist with an existing business. Some of the automation may make the entire company even more profitable and scalable.

With our help, now is the best time to reimagine your business. Be more agile with Agilitek.

Imagine teachers offering online courses. Programmers and engineers are creating mobile apps or software-as-a-service (SaaS). Architects and designers are selling blueprints.

Accountants, engineers, lawyers, and scientists can develop audit checklists, protocol manuals, and compliance templates. Even pharmacists and physicians can license their digital diagnostic tools.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for artists, musicians, photographers, and videographers to get paid fairly for their talents? Absolutely! They can create a digital library and offer monthly subscriptions.

Build a product once and sell it multiple times.

Our Solopreneur Program will usher you from exploring ideas to researching the market. We then guide you in creating your product and building an automated framework around it. No stones left unturned.

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